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Q: What is Sevin®?

A: GardenTech® Sevin® containing carbaryl is the most effective insecticide on the market. Consumers and professionals have trusted Sevin® to control a wide variety of insects for 50 years. Sevin® provides the consumer with the broadest spectrum of control, killing more insects in more places versus other leading brands.

Q: What types of Sevin® are available?

A: Sevin® is available in a dust, granular, concentrate, Ready-To-Use, and Ready-To-Spray formulations.

Q: What is the active ingredient in Sevin®?

A: Carbaryl is the active ingredient in Sevin®.

Q: How does Sevin® control insects?

A: Sevin® has a dual mode of action. It works on contact and through ingestion. Sevin® is nonsystemic, which means it does not penetrate plant tissue. After controlling the targeted pest, Sevin® is easily broken down in the environment.

Q: When is the best time to apply Sevin®?

A: You can apply Sevin® throughout the growing season with short preharvest intervals. For more details, refer to the product label section.

Q: How many tablespoons are in an ounce?

A: 2 tablespoons are in 1 ounce.

Q: Will Sevin® control all insects?

A: Sevin® controls numerous insects, depending on the product form. To view a complete listing of insects controlled, please refer to the product labels.

Q: Can I apply on new sod/newly-seeded areas?

A: Yes, you can apply Sevin® to new sod or newly seeded areas. Just keep in mind that you may wash away any seed that has not yet taken root if you have to water the product (granules and dust products only) after application or if you are applying a heavy liquid solution. 

Q: I've used up my Sevin® Ready-To-Spray. Can I use the Sevin® concentrate as a refill?

A: The products are the same, but for safety reasons, it is sold in a nonrefillable container.

Q: Can Sevin® Dust be mixed with water?

A: Sevin® Dust formulation is not intended to be mixed with water. It should only be used dry.

Q: Can I use Sevin® indoors?

A: Sevin® is registered for outdoor usage and should not be applied indoors, on bedding, or in vehicles.

Q: Can I use Sevin® on my carpet for insects?

A: Sevin® is registered for outdoor usage and should not be applied indoors, on bedding, or in vehicles.

Q: Can I use Sevin® on myself?

A: Sevin® is registered for outdoor usage and should not be applied indoors, on bedding, on a person, or in vehicles.

Q: Can I use Sevin® on my household plants?

A: Sevin® can be used on household plants, as long as you take the plants outside while spraying and bring them back in once they have dried.

Q: Will Sevin® stain my siding/sidewalks/vehicles/carports/driveways/etc.?

A: Sevin® should be used only on items such as plants, trees, soil, and lawns (granules and dust products only). Any man-made material should not be sprayed with Sevin®.

Q: Can I spray my animal with Sevin®?

A: Sevin® should not be used on animals. Pet-friendly products are available at pet stores. More information can be found by contacting your veterinarian. The old 5% labels state usage on animals, which are no longer for sale. Sevin® product labels may be viewed here.

Q : Once I’ve spread Sevin® on my lawn, how long do I have to wait until my children and pets can go out and play in the yard?

A: Once you spread the chemical on the lawn, wait for the grass and the ground to dry before re-entering the yard.

Q: Where do I find Sevin® 80WP?

A: Bayer Environmental Science 1-800-331-2867.

Q: Where do I find Sevin® 80S or Sevin® XLR?

A: Bayer Cropscience 1-800-842-8020.

Q: Do I have to follow the safety precautions listed on the product labels?

A: It is always a good idea to follow safety precautions listed with a product. These guidelines are there for the safety of you and those around you. Everyone has a different reaction to chemicals, and following precautions limits your chances of having a reaction.

Q: Can I mix Sevin® with other chemicals such as fertilizers or fungicides?

A: It is never a good idea to mix two different chemicals together at one time. You can apply back-to-back treatments — just take into consideration that if you are applying two liquid products to a plant, the first application will be washed away. In this case, it would be best to treat the most important problem first, wait about a week, and apply the second chemical.

Q: Is it too cold/too hot to apply Sevin®?

A: When temperatures are below 55° or above 85°, do not use the chemical for risk of product failure and scorching of plants. Generally, do not spray in the heat of the day, when the highest risk of burning plants is present.

Q: How do I store Sevin®?

A: When storing any Sevin® formulation, follow these guidelines:

  • As with any chemical, you need to store Sevin® out of the reach of children, preferably in a locked storage area.
  • Keep Sevin® away from any heat sources, such as a heater or dryer, to prevent heating and melting of the container.
  • Store the products at room temperature at all times.
  • If the product does freeze or boil, do not use the product again. We cannot guarantee that the product will work because of the alteration of the chemical due to the extreme temperature changes.
  • Store Sevin® in its original container or packaging.

Over’n Out!® Advanced

Q:  What is Over'n Out! Advanced?

A:  Over 'n Out! Advanced is a granular, broadcast, fire ant control product.  One application yields 6 months of control.  The Advanced formula makes it fast acting as well.  Over 'n Out! Advanced is less labor intensive and is the new standard in fire ant control.

Q: What are the active ingredient in Over'n Out! Advanced?

A:  Over'n Out! Advanced contains bifenthrin 0.20% and Zeta-Cypermethirn 0.05%  An efficacious combination active for imported fire ants.      

Q:  How do I apply Over'n Out! Advanced?

A:  Apply to your yard with a drop or broadcast (cyclone type) spreader. The settings for most spreaders are listed on the back of the bag.  Use the setting recommended for your spreader. Water lawn after application to wash granules from the lawn foliage.

Q:  How do I store Over‘n Out! Advanced?

A:  Keep out of reach of children and animals. Store in original containers only. Store in a cool, dry place, preferably in a locked storage area and avoid excess heat.

Q:  When is the best time to apply Over'n Out!® Advanced product?

A:  Apply during the morning or early evening when it is cool and the ants are most active, foraging for food. While early spring is the best time to treat, you can apply the product anytime during the year if you notice the presence of fire ants in your yard.

Q:  Do you need to water-in after application?

A:  Yes, control is achieved when Over'n Out! Advanced product is watered in after application.

Q: How long after I apply Over’n Out! Advanced can I let my children or pets back on the treated area?

A: Children and pets can re-enter the area after it has dried.

Q:  Why use a broadcast treatment of Over'n Out!® Advanced product?

A:  When a queen survives, the colony 'relocates' their mound a short distance from its original location. A broadcast treatment prevents this from happening, as well as re-infestation from outside colonies.

Q:  Can Over'n Out!® Advanced product be used as a mound treatment?

A:  Yes, mound treatment will control the mound within 15 minutes.  Control is optimized by combining broadcast applications that control foraging workers and newly mated fly-in queens with mound treatment that will control exiting colonies.

Q: Where can I apply Over'n Out! Advanced?

A:  Apply Over'n Out! Advanced to your lawn, ornamentals, flowers, home foundations (perimeter)

Q: If my neighbors don't treat, will my yard become reinfested?

A: If your neighbor has fire ants and they don't treat their lawn, you may see a few foraging ants in your yard. If they enter your yard, they will come into contact with Over’n Out! Advanced and die, but they will not transfer enough active ingredients to your neighbors’ yard to eliminate their fire ants. The best course of action is to encourage neighbors in adjacent yards to treat with Over’n Out! Advanced. If you’d like to encourage your neighbors to treat their yards, contact us to request an information kit so your entire neighborhood will treat for fire ants.

Q: How long will Over’n Out! Advanced control fire ants?

A: One application of Over’n Out! Advanced provides six months of control.

Q: What if Over’n Out! Advanced doesn't last six months?

A: GardenTech® has issued a money-back guarantee that homeowners will have six months of fire ant control with Over’n Out! Advanced.

Q: Will Over’n Out! Advanced control other insects such as carpenter ants, fleas, and grubs?

A: Over’n Out! Advanced controls only the fire ants. Please go to the section on our Sevin® products for formulas that control these types of insects. Click here for Sevin® brand insecticides.

Q: Can Over’n Out! Advanced be applied in a vegetable garden?

A: You can apply Over’n Out! right up to the edge of the garden but not directly in the garden.

Q: Can I apply Over’n Out! Advanced in my pasture where animals graze?

A: Over’n Out! Advanced should not be applied in areas where animals graze.

Q: Do I have to follow the safety precautions listed on the product labels?

A: Yes, always follow the safety precautions listed on a product. These guidelines are there for the safety of you and those around you.

Q: Can I mix Over’n Out! Advanced with other chemicals such as fertilizers or fungicides?

A: No, do not mix chemicals. It is best to treat the most important problem first, wait about a week, and apply the second chemical.


Q: What formulations are available for Daconil®?

A: Daconil® is available in a Ready-To-Use bottle with a hand sprayer, as well as a pint-sized concentrate bottle.

Q: Can I use Daconil® on my lawn?

A: Daconil® is not registered for lawn usage and should only be applied according to the label directions.

Q: Can I use Daconil® on my houseplants?

A: The Daconil® label has all ornamental plants listed on the back of the bottle. Please refer to the label under the "Ornamental Diseases" heading to find the approved plants.

Q: Once I apply Daconil®, how long do I have to wait to eat my treated fruits and vegetables?

A: Inside the Daconil® label on the back label on the bottle, the preharvest interval is listed for all of the treatable plants. Find your vegetable or fruit in the packet, then look to the far right of the page and you will see the listed preharvest intervals.

Q: How do I need to store Daconil®?

A: Storing Daconil® in a cool dry place will help keep the product at its best. Never store a product containing a chemical in an area accessible to children and pets.


Q: How do I use RootBoost?

A: Please visit the RootBoost product page for more information.

Q: Where can I get more information about using RootBoost?

A. Please visit, and take the free RootBoost plant propagation course, for more information.

Q: How is RootBoost packaged and sold?

A: RootBoost is available in a 2-ounce plastic container.

Q: Can I dip the cutting directly into the jar/packet of RootBoost?

A: When taking cuttings, you should pour out a small amount onto a paper plate or something that you will throw away when you’re done, then dip the cutting into the RootBoost on the plate. This will eliminate the possibility of contaminating the RootBoost inside the container.

Q: Can RootBoost be used on established plants?

A: RootBoost is specifically formulated to be used only on cuttings. It has no effect on established plants.

Q: How long will it take my cuttings to root?

A: Rooting can take 3–5 weeks, depending on the plant species.

Q: Can I mix RootBoost with water?

A: No, RootBoost is not meant to be mixed with water and doing so will dilute the product and its effectiveness.

Q: Can I use RootBoost on vegetable or fruit cuttings?

A: No, RootBoost is only made to be used on ornamental plants.

Q: The directions state to use a rooting medium. What is rooting medium?

A: Rooting medium providneighbor has firees physical support, water, and oxygen. Many types of rooting mediums are available. The most common are sand, perlite, peat, vermiculite, or a mixture of these four. Potting soil and a commercial soilless mix are also available at most retailers. Water is not recommended as a rooting medium. The medium should be free of weeds and disease and moist before inserting the cuttings.

Q: The directions tell me to cover at least one node. What is a node?

A: Leaves, buds, and branches originate from the stem at specific locations, called nodes. These areas are often slightly swollen. Multiple plant structures may originate from a single node. Each plant may have several nodes.

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